Thursday 9 June 2011

At long last, the Archbishop speaks out!

I know it must be a difficult job, being the head of such a large organisation, having to be fair to so many different perspectives from so many different parts of the globe, but I for one am glad that Rowan has finally found a voice.

The Big Society is clearly a cover for ideologically motivated cutbacks, the changes to the education and health system were not in the manifesto's of either the Tories or the Lib-Dems, so it is true to say that these policies have no democratic mandate. Rowan is understating it when he talks of anger and anxiety caused by these policies.

I was invited on to Radio Leeds to debate the matter and was rather frustrated that the media was more fascinated with the story of whether Rowan has the right to talk about politics. I guess it has been so long since he has been anything but muted on so many issues that it is understandable to some degree.

Jesus spoke out against the leaders of his day when they were mucking up society and causing injustice, of course the Church should be involved in modern political debate. The question should not be, does Rowan have the right to voice an opinion, but rather, why doesn't he do it more readily and more clearly.

It took 5 years for him to admit that war on Iraq was wrong and did more harm than good. When is he going to condemn this government for bombing the hell out of Tripoli, or announcing more spending on Trident replacement?

Still, I'm glad he's beginning to voice an opposition to the economic and social policies of the Con-Dems. He is a wise man,  and I want him to find his own voice more often. Prophetic ministry can come from the very top Rowan!