Monday 31 January 2011

Practical Liberation Theology Conference 23/24 July 2011

Following on from the interest shown in 'A Just Church: Practical Liberation Theology in the 21st Century', a few of us working in the field of liberation theology have decided to hold a conference to provoke more discussion and action in the subject.

The demise of the bi-annual Crewe based 'Liberation consultation' and the sad end of the 'British Institute of Liberation Theology' has meant that there are no forums for liberation practitioners and theologians to get together and share ideas and best practice.

Many people are involved in liberation theology without perhaps using the term. This is a conference for those working alongside the marginalised, those tackling discrimination, those opposing war and the neo-liberal agenda. This is a space for people involved in non-violent direct action, guerrilla gardening, and radical liturgy.

If you have read Jesus 'proclaiming good news for the poor' and realised that the church often fails to live up to his teachings, then come on this conference. (It will also be fun and include curry eating!)

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  1. If wanting to attend, contact Chris on 01274 727034, or register interest on the JustSpace Soulspace facebook page