Wednesday 19 January 2011

In praise of the women peacemakers of Liberia!

Last night at our Tuesday gathering 'JustSpace', we watched a documentary called 'Pray the Devil Back to Hell'. It tells the struggle of a group of Christian and Muslim women who cane together to stop the atrocities being committed against humanity in the civil war in Liberia.

On top of the vast scale of those murdered and raped, the war had resulted in tens of thousands of child soldiers; horrific mutilations in the rural communities; hundreds of thousands of displaced people both internally and externally. The women decided that the men were never going to change things - they had to act.

Through open displays of defiance, pickets of peace conferences and even a sex strike - these women took huge risks, and showed heroic leadership qualities. Now, after peace has finally come, they are the first African nation to be led by a woman; Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

An amazing story, and a really uplifting tale of the hopefulness of the human spirit. Available through the distributors 'dogwoof' (look them up, incredible films!) Not to be missed!

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