Sunday 1 September 2013

Why Di Canio needs to change his management style!

The rumours of discontent at the Sunderland camp are growing day by day. Di Canio's management style must surely come under question after the poor showing against Crystal Palace. We needed to pick up at least a point from that game, with much tougher games coming up.

Di Canio may have been playing down his Fascist past in the light of his appointment to a city with a proud anti-fascist tradition, but his mentality is clear for all to see.

I hope to God that Di Canio repents of his ways and finds a new way of coaching that does not involve bullying and belittling people. He has been harsh on Fletcher, but it was the Scottish frontman's goal that gave some hope to fans yesterday. Di Canio's mismanagement of Sessegnon has led to the loss of this great player to the team. Shouting and demeaning players if they do not make you look good is short termism gone mad. You do not build a team by simply buying new players, but by valuing all in your team.

Without change (and some good results) Di Canio must go. And not just because he is formerly a self proclaimed fascist, though that maybe reason enough, but because he is simply not up to the job. The far right have always been rabble rousers, shouting their way into power, but they have no real long term solutions. After they have attacked others for their own failings, they are often shown up for who they really are - simply bullies full of empty promises.

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