Monday 23 September 2013

Di Canio should never have been appointed in the first place.

I do not entirely blame Di Canio for the mess that he has created. The Club owner bears some responsibility for appointing a self declared fascist, who had no track record in the top league, and who was well known for his bully boy tactics. We can only hope that Ellis has learnt from this mistake and is swift to appoint steadier hands.

Di Canio seemed to think that it was OK to treat people like dirt, and that demand that they don't use ice in their soft drinks. He dismissed everything about his predecessor, and the list of players he castigated publicly and privately got longer and longer. Cattermole, Fletcher, McClean, Bardsley, Cuellar, Ji - the list is incredible. He then had a go at Stephane Sessegnon, and let go of one of the best players in a Sunderland shirt, straight in a WBA one.

It was perhaps Sessegnon's goal against Sunderland that killed off Di Canio. He had laid into the player after he had left, and the goal was sweet justice. The dignified striker did not celebrate, as he respected the Sunderland supporters much more that he respected the Sunderland manager.

Some had hailed Di Canio as a saviour, especially following the 0-3 win against rivals Newcastle. But many of the stars of that victory, including Vaughan, Mignolet and Sessegnon were soon to be sold or sidelined.

The 14 new signings led to confusion over tactics, language and style, and this was added to by Di Canio's inability to adapt his management style.

I have grown to love the football craziness of this great city, and I sincerely hope that a new manager can pull us out of the nose-dive Di Canio has left us with. But Ellis - please - no more bullies, there are enough of them in this world already 

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