Friday 12 April 2013

North East to Join the Faslane Blockade

This weekend sees a massive gathering in Scotland to oppose the proposed renewal of the Trident Nuclear Weapons Programme. On Sunday there will be workshops and lectures about how to resist Trident and on Monday morning their will be a symbolic blockade of the nuclear submarine site itself.

I will be at the blockade for two very simple reasons. firstly, Nuclear Weapons are clearly an affront to the God of life. No threat, could ever justify the deployment of a weapon that would indiscriminately destroy millions of innocent lives. It is our country's continued escalation of its own nuclear ability which makes it impossible for us to curtail the crazy ambitions of countries such as North Korea. 

Secondly - it is madness in a time of cut backs and forced austerity, to allow our government to spend up to £100 billion on a weapons system it will never use. Alongside the rest of the nation, here in the North East we have seen an endless torrent of public sector cuts, almost always hitting the most vulnerable hardest. We have seen the loss of libraries, sports facilities, community projects and huge financial restrictions on our local housing, health and education services.

We simply cannot sit back and allow our government to waste billions on the most immoral weapons project in British history. Join us at the Blockade if you can, or write to your local MP and have your voice heard!

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