Monday 1 April 2013

Carey's UKIP announcement no surprise!

The announcement this morning that Lord Carey has resigned as former Archbishop of Canterbury and intends to stand for election as a UKIP candidate should come as no surprise. He trailed the news with an article in Saturdays Daily Mail, pretty much outlining his manifesto.

UKIP has sadly grown in popular support over the last few months, attracting many disaffected Tory voters. It seems that the same sex marriage act has enabled them to garner support from right wing elements within the Anglican Church.

It is no doubt that Carey's announcement will boost UKIP's appeal in certain quarters, but I believe that it shows how isolated Lord Carey's position really is. Carey is a born loser, failing to win enough votes 11 years ago when Rowan Williams stood against him for the post of Archbishop of Canterbury. Now he is heading for even deeper depths of political failure.

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