Monday 1 April 2013

Milliband's new 'Toilet Tax' a step in the right direction

Well done to the Labour Party for finally regaining some decent economic policies! The announcement by Ed Balls of the new Household Sanitary Levy (or 'Toilet Tax as it has been dubbed in the popular press) is a brilliant counter to the Tories despicable 'Bedroom Tax'

Effectively, it will mean that households with more than one toilet will pay a higher band of council tax, than those of us with just one toilet. This addresses the age old inequality that homes with one toilet were effectively paying the same tax as houses with up to 15 toilets

Tony Benn, veteran of a more Socialist Labour tradition, said yesterday that the proposed Toilet Tax was quite a relief, and demonstrated that Milliband is prepared to be bold on social taxation.

Obviously, the Tories will try and portray the Labour Party as the party of 'envy' - but why should those with fewer toilets pat the same as millionaires with more toilets than sense?

Alongside with Tony Benn, I'm relieved by the new policy, and quite grateful that Balls has finally taken the plunge!

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