Wednesday 4 April 2012

Menwith in the Snow

Yesterday a group of us from 'JustSpace' went to join the regular Tuesday vigil at the Gates of RAF Menwith Hill. RAF suggests a British military site, but it is of course run by the National Security Agency of America (NSAA). It is a spy base for the US, and has promoted the cause of war since 1951.
We had gone as part of Holy Week. As Jesus faces up to his responsibility in defying evil and empire 2000 years ago, so must we continue God's desire for justice and peace on earth today.

It was horrible weather, but that did not deter the person we met at the entrance. Lindis Percy has been demonstrating at the base for over twelve years, constantly being a thorn in the side of the US authorities.

I asked her what keeps her going, especially in force gale winds, and icy snow. "They need to know that people are watching them, that people care about what they do" is her reply.

We waved our peace flags and politely talked to equally frozen police officers, before beating an ice laden retreat. Except for Lindis, who just manages to cheerfully keep on going.

Join her one day at the gates of empire and militarism, every Tuesday, 6-8pm, rain or shine or snow. You will be inspired.

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