Thursday 26 April 2012

Chernobyl Anniversary - say no to Nuclear Power!

On the 26th April 1986 disaster struck in the USSR. The Chernobyl Nuclear Plant suffered a series of explosions that sent plumes of radioactive gas far into the atmosphere. 58 people died immediately, and nearly 400,000 people had to be moved. 800,000 people received dangerous levels of radiation and the cloud of toxic gas was to spread far and wide, even affecting the West Coast of Ireland.

The effects on the planet were disastrous, and especially for the people of Belarus, Ukraine and Russia. Whole areas of Ukraine will never be safe for human life ever again.

The catastrophe was crippling for the USSR economy and morale, leading to 'Glasnost' and contributing to the eventual fall of the Soviet Union.

But the global consequences far outweighed the political fallout.

Nuclear Power is not the green alternative that some would suggest. It is in fact one of the greatest threats to our existence. The anniversary on the Chernobyl disaster is our chance to remember and resist the nuclear lobbyists. The nuclear power companies want government investment in their industry, but they must not be allowed to 'greenwash' the dangers inherent in the nuclear industry. We have too much to lose.

Chernobyl never again.

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