Sunday 1 April 2012

Galloway secures investment for ODEON site

April Fools day jokes finish at 12 noon, so I'm sorry if your still being directed to this site! Here is the blog as it appeared earlier:

 It has certainly been a week of surprises in Bradford, but no one could have predicted that George Galloway would have been so quick in securing one of his election pledges.

The iconic ODEON building is much loved in the city of Bradford, and has been teetering on the brink of destruction since 2004 when the ironically named 'Yorkshire Forward' company announced plans to demolish the Art Deco building rather than develop it.

In 2007, 1,500 people formed a symbolic 'hug' around the building, opposing the proposals to tear it down and replace it with office blocks and another hotel.

In April 2008, plans for the ALC to redevelop the building turned out to be nothing more than a rumour.

When George Galloway made 'saving the Odeon' an election pledge, it was hard not to think that this was simply the empty promise of a candidate trying to please public opinion.

Yet only 2 days after the Respect candidates stunning victory at the polls, Mr Galloway has announced that he has secured significant funding from an undisclosed Lebanese developer to turn the Odeon site into one of Europe's largest mosques.

The site will incorporate state of the art facilities, with purpose built 'Turkish Baths', set to rival the famous tourist attraction in nearby Harrogate. With the money from the Lebanese backers, it is hoped that Bradford will become the new 'Beirut of the North'

Rolf Pailo, spokesperson for BORG (Bradford Odeon Rescue Group) said that he was thrilled that a rescue package was finally on the tables, though disappointed that the hope of a new music venue and 4D IMAX centre were not incorporated in the newly revealed designs. "It's certainly a better proposal than the 'Betfred Supercasino' that had previously been worked on as an alternative to demolition"

However one feels about such a move, it will be wonderful to see the great domes of this magnificent piece of architecture restored to their former glory. How close we were to seeing a shortsighted local authority destroying such an important part of it's rich heritage - thank heavens that ridiculous threat is now over!

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  1. I enjoyed your story and was ALMOST certain that it was an April Fool's joke. Better to have it confirmed though ... :)