Wednesday 11 May 2011

Victor Jara

Those who have read my book will know that I am greatly influenced by Victor Jara, the 'peoples musician' from Chile. His life and music will be brought to the attention of West Yorkshire in a play on at 'The Theatre in the Mill', Bradford University this coming Saturday, 7.30pm

He trained to be a priest, but gave up when he realised that the Catholic Church in Chile was too aligned to the ruling oligarchy. He then devoted his life to the music of the people, and to the socialist revolution being brought about by the Christian Marxist, Salvador Allende. When the US backed coup brought Pinochet to power in 1973 - Jara was imprisoned in the national football stadium with thousands of other socialists and trade unionists. He was killed a few days later.

This play uses his music to tell his story, and is based on his last few days in the stadium. Do try and get to see it if in the area, it is a deeply moving tale indeed.

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