Monday 9 May 2011

SoulSpace: Road to Emmaus; road to liberation.

Sunday's SoulSpace was another great example of why I love using liberation theology as a tool for worship. No sermon, just a community wrestling with scripture. There were disagreements, differences of opinion and interpretation, but we got so much from the conversation.

The story is simple, two people heading to a village called Emmaus after the death of Jesus in Jerusalem. Confused and amazed, they encounter a stranger on the way out of the city.

After hearing the story, and after everyone has had a chance to air their reaction to the tale in pairs, we then listen to each other. One person excitedly said how we learn in this story about the wonder of meeting Christ in the stranger, then another said how it was not scripture that brought knowledge of Jesus to the two people fleeing Jerusalem, but the breaking of bread with one another. To discover God we must share with each other! Another described her joy at knowing Christ was with her on her journey, even when she failed to recognise him.

So many little insights, much more than could ever come out in a single sermon, and all from our own mouths. It is in the sharing, the listening, the communion with one another that a God of love is revealed. I really hope that the church can stop forcing dogma on others, and instead create more spaces for listening to our spirit, spaces for our souls to grow in.

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  1. While you were in deep theological discussion, the kids were recreating the story using 'my little ponies' for the characters and building blocks to make the road. We did also talk about the story though!