Wednesday 25 May 2011

rekindling interest in Liberation Theology!

I discovered today that my book is now available on Kindle, 'the electronic book'. That's great news for those who have now got their new Kindle device, though I'm personally keen on a 'hard copy' that's easy to share and can be bought in a local shop!

The great thing is that the publishers have put it on Kindle because of the demand for the book. I don't believe that it's because I'm a great writer, I'm a community activist at heart not a professional author, but it shows that there is a huge appetite for a theology that is liberating. People long for a theology that they can relate to, and makes sense of the world around them.

For too long, theology has been lost in archaic academia, struggling for relevance. But it seems to me that if God is God, the way we talk about God (Theology) must be relevant. It must help build the kingdom of God, and it must help us to find  new ways of communicating God's love for the world.

I really hope that when people read the book, they don't just stick it on a shelf (a least that's not possible with the Kindle version!) but dare to use it as a model for making their own local church a beacon hope in their community. They might even begin to go to church again, knowing that it can be part of 'the movement of movements' that will be make 'another world possible'.

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