Sunday 13 March 2011

Why I don't 'agree with Nick'.

Just before the election, the cry 'I agree with Nick' became the battle cry for the Lib Dems. Following a dismal performance by Gordon Brown and David Cameron during their first TV debate, the other leaders were forced to keep saying 'I agree with Nick' and this was supposedly a sign that Mr Clegg was speaking common sense.

By I was never happy with his election as Lib Dem leader, he was too slick, too eager to please. I always preferred Charles Kennedy, for all his personal faults, he was more genuine, more trustworthy.

Nick Clegg talks about 'not losing our soul' and not being 'a cuts government'. Who does he think he is kidding? The cuts are coming thick and fast, and hitting the most vulnerable first. The Lib Dem's are grabbing on to the coat tails of the Tory's ideologically driven attacks on the welfare state.  Shirley Williams attempts to defend the NHS will be shrugged off by those in power when it is convenient to do so.

Nick Clegg says that the Lib Dem's have not lost their soul. I simply don't agree with Nick. He has been taken to the top of the mountain and offered the keys to the kingdom. He did not counter Satan with scripture; 'thou shalt worship God alone', but grabbed at the opportunity for power. And power always has a cost. The blue background at the 'fortress Sheffield' Lib dem conference says it all.

1 comment:

  1. Nick was always going to be in power. The only question was who with.

    He made the right decision.

    Can't get my head round all these lib-dem supporters who only seem to support the party when they have zero chance on influencing anything.