Sunday 13 March 2011

Right wing abuse on the internet.

In my email inbox came the awful messages; comments were coming in from my blog, and my Lenten fast meant I couldn't reply to them instantly! The comments came from anonymous sources, to make it impossible to identify the writers. This was probably because they realised that their right wing, racist comments are pretty indefensible.

I left them up, though the temptation to erase and block further comments is almost overwhelming. But leaving them on view is a reminder that there is a lot of anger and hatred out there, and we cannot ignore it. I genuinely pray for those with such hatred in their hearts, hatred of all others who do not share their world view. I have offered them the opportunity to meet, because I believe that change can only happen with open encounter.

This is one of the dangers of blogging, that you can be hurtful in your comments, with no accountability. Face to face is the only way of bringing real change.

The right wing often use websites and local and national newspaper discussion webpages to propagate their views. But I want them to meet with me eyeball to eyeball. Person to person. They may hold obnoxious views (they certainly think I do) but as long as they are not violent, I want to have that discussion with them. It is the only hope for all of us.

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  1. Please can you direct us to some of the racist, hateful comments. I've looked hard but can't find any.