Wednesday 1 April 2015

Caroline Lucas set to become PM in secret deal

A secret deal to make Caroline Lucas Prime Minister in event of hung parliament is a logical and welcome breakthrough for British politics.

Rumours of secret talks between SNP and Labour have been denied by both parties, but investigative reporting by the Morning Star has revealed that plans are well under way to forge a SNP/Labour/Green/Plaid Cymru coalition in the event of a hung parliament on May 7th.

The mutual loathing between Ed Miliband and SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon has been a log jam in talks by senior officials, but the secret deal that has been hammered out is seen as the only workable solution. In the event of a hung parliament, Green MP Caroline Lucas is to be announced as Prime Minister. She is seen as the only MP to command enough respect among both SNP and Labour party members of parliament.

This ground breaking decision will cement a Labour/SNP/Plaid Cymru/Green coalition that may be on the only way to shut out another Conservative/Lib Dem coalition.

The Green party are also denying that these talks have taken place, but will be delighted that Mrs Lucas could play such a role in a future government.

‘Caroline has worked so hard to gain such support, not only during 5 years in in the House of Commons, but also whilst serving the country as a Member of the European Parliament’ a senior Labour politician admitted yesterday. ‘She has spent years building credible coalitions across Westminster, and is seen as the only person who could hold a Labour/Nationalist/Green coalition together’.

A poll of Labour MP’s shows that if they cannot achieve an outright victory in the general election, Ed Miliband will not have enough support to continue as prime minister of a coalition government. He is likely to accept the role as deputy prime minister with Nicola Sturgeon becoming the Minister for Scotland. The costly Trident Nuclear programme will almost certainly be the first casualty of such a coalition.

Jim Murphy is said to be furious at news of the deal, having been left out of the loop by senior Labour Party officials. He is said to be considering crossing the floor and joining the Conservative Party if such a deal takes place after 7th May. ‘Good riddance’ claimed outspoken Labour MEP Lora Ploif, ‘He’s been stinking up the place with his Blairite politics since becoming leader in December, haemorrhaging working class support for the Scottish Labour Party.’

All this is great news for the British Left/Green community. Let’s all hope for a breath of fresh air in the British Political System this May!

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