Tuesday 1 April 2014

Poyet must Stay - No to Anelka!

The shock announcement by SAFC that Gus Poyet is to be replaced by Nicolas Anelka is another nail in the coffin for the club. You would have thought that Ellis, the club chairman, would have learnt from last time - but it seems that desperation is driving club policy at the moment.

At almost the same moment last year, Ellis took the decision to replace Martin O'neill with Paulo Di Canio - and it was costly for the club indeed.

The fact that last year, Di Canio gave the team the shock they needed to actually stay up in the Premiere League must be the reason that Ellis has made this shock move - but it is a decision fraught with danger.

Anelka is not free from controversy himself - though the decision to bring in a 'player/manager' does have some merit in itself. Anelka will be able to take up a key strike position, and Sunderland have been unable to net many goals with Fletcher being injured for most of the season, and Altidore just being crap all year.

All together though - this just stinks of a chairman trying to find anyway possible to stay in the premier league, regardless of the moral situation. Poyet has done an amazing job following Di Canio's terrible start to the season, and the Uruguayan should have been able to try and finish the job he was brought here to do.

A sad day indeed for Sunderland AFC.

PS Happy April Fools Day 2014

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  1. sorry about this April Fools day blog - its a bit close to the bone for Sunderland supporters!