Friday 29 November 2013

NPower's sickening job cuts announcements

NPower are owned by RWE, and German energy company who recently announced the axing of nearly 7,000 jobs across Europe. This despite make a profit of over 9 BILLION Euros last year.

In Britain, NPower made record profits last year, yet managed to announce an impending increase in domestic rates of up to 11%. Now, as part of the RWE 'restructuring' over 1460 jobs are to go, mostly in the North East, with 400 jobs alone going in my city, Sunderland.

Nothing shows the madness of Capitalism more than this: Record profits for NPower are resulting in increased fuel bills for ordinary people and massive job cuts for its staff.  Absolutely unbelievable.

I despise the way the 'big 6' energy firms have treated the people of this country, but my real anger is for a government that has done nothing to prevent this horrendous situation. Nearly 35,000 deaths last year were reported of people who couldn't heat their homes properly - heaven knows what the situation will be this coming year.

I will be changing from NPower over the coming months, and there needs to be some consumer fightback against these job cuts (announced just before Christmas for maximum evil points) but this cannot be left to the consumers to battle out against these energy companies.

Energy is too important to be left in the hands of these greedy and immoral private sector giants. Again I say - let us rebuild the case for renationalisation of energy supply and production. History must condemn the likes of NPower to the dustbin of failed privatisations. We cannot waste anymore energy on these bloodsuckers.

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