Friday 6 September 2013

Exorcising the demons of militarism

On Sunday, hundreds of activists will take to the streets of London in an attempt to highlight one of the greatest hypocrisies of our time. Whilst our nation shouts out about the terror states across the globe, we discretely organise weapons fairs, and sell to some of the most despicable regimes you can imagine.

DSEi (Defence and Security Equipment International) is held every two years in the London Docklands Excel exhibition centre - it is one of the worlds largest arms fairs, and millions of pounds worth of weapons contracts will be arranged here each day.

Drones will be popular, as will equipment used to stop your nation's people from rising up against the state. Assault rifles, electronic batons, bullets that explode upon impact with human flesh, all will be sold and many to nations whose governments have quelled the hopes of freedom for millions of their own people.

This evil has got to stop. And it is pure evil

For this very reason, a large gathering of Christians will perform a symbolic exorcism at DSEi 2013. We will name and shame the demons of militarism and greed. We will call for repentance for our government's promotion of these horrors, and pray for the companies whose main marketing policy is the hope for death and destruction.

Check out the Campaign Against the Arms Trade's website, and for God's sake join us at 12 noon Sunday to disrupt the preparation for this horrific event and at 4pm again for our exorcism. The fair starts officially on Tuesday, and you can come and 'meet and greet' the 25,000 mostly male arms dealers/delegates early that morning on the trains of the Docklands Light Railway (run appropriately by SERCO who run the Aldermaston Atomic Weapons Establishment)

Do come and join us if you can over the next week, lets 'cast out' this evil trade once and for all!

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  1. I wish I could be there. Would love to hear more about it.