Tuesday 8 April 2014

Liberating Theology

Many thanks to the Student Christian Movement and all the folks who made the 'Liberating Theology Weekend' such a brill experience. It was full of many moving and liberating moments, and my hope is that other places will want to do similar weekends, bringing together activists and theologians who are willing to be vulnerable and honest, whilst supporting others who choose to follow a Christ who lifts up the poor and pulls down the mighty.

The weekend began at the new Interfaith Centre, which now host's part of the 'Victor Jara' Liberation Theology Library. Having a centre for faiths that holds true to the message of an anti-oppressive God, and tries to resource that movement is a central hope for my time in the North East. I think we can draw people in to think, pray and act, and the library is part of that story. Victor Jara himself gave his talents and life to the struggle for progressive Christianity in Chile in the 1960's and 70's before he was brutally murdered by Thatcher's 'friend'; Augusto Pinochet in 1973.

Keeping subversive memories alive is part of the liberation struggle - it is the story of Exodus Eucharist and Resurrection.

Over the weekend we heard from Black theologian Anthony Reddie, Rosie Venner, Sue Richardson, Peter Mulligan and of course, myself. All were great in there own unique ways (!) and so was the joining in with the Young People's Assembly meeting in the Minster. But the real stars were all the participants, who shared stories and laughter, and helped us all build each other up in the faith.

Let's have more theology that is truly in the hands of the people! 

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