Monday 19 August 2013

Di Canio set for a fall

I have two great hopes for Sunderland AFC this season - first, that they comfortably stay in the Premier League, and secondly, that the love affair with the Italian Fascist begins to fade. Criticism of him lessened the minute Sunderland defeated Newcastle 3 - 0, but I think that as time goes by, Sunderland supporters will soon turn their backs on him.

The opening of the season, the so called 'dawn of a new era' ended being a 1-0 defeat to Fulham on our home ground. One of the best players in that match, Sessegnon, is now rumoured to be available for other clubs to sign. In the manner of Mussolini, the man whose portrait graces his tattooed back, Di Canio is obsessed with creating a 'new vision', and seems to think that shouting, bullying and raving will achieve his results.

Hopefully, some of the new players will soon settle in, and Sunderland will stay up - but Di Canio's style may soon feel grating to the good supporters of this city, and I hope that along with many brief Italian holiday love affairs - it will end sooner than expected.

My new Sunderland top which read 'Love Sunderland, Hate Fascism' was a big hit with most folk who saw it. It certainly opened up many debates. Many people do not want to talk about this issue, but until Di Canio owns up to his past, apologises for the hurt his actions have caused and denounces Fascism unconditionally, then he is unacceptable in the increasingly multicultural and diverse city of Sunderland. Turning a blind eye to Fascism never ends well!

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