Tuesday 20 August 2013

Caroline Lucas MP - a fracking hero!

News that the Green MP for Brighton was arrested at the anti-fracking peaceful protest at Balcombe did not come as a great surprise. Whenever I have encountered Caroline Lucas, at Menwith Hill or at anti-arms fair protests, she is clearly still full of passion and thoughtful dignity.

Recently I met with one of her case workers, Melanie, someone I have known for nearly 30 years. Melanie always stood out as a caring and tireless activist, currently she is editing the magazine for the Campaign Against the Arms Trade amid part time case work in Brighton and doing some excellent parenting. When we met on a beach in Whitley bay, I had no idea she was working with Caroline. The realisation that the MP has made such sound judgement for her staff team gave me a real sense of hope.

Maybe it is possible that MPs can have morals! What a hope!

There must be a hundred causes this MP could get arrested peacefully protesting at, the fact that she has chosen the environmentally dubious 'Fracking' programme shows the seriousness that we should all take it with.

Even as a parliamentarian, she has not been able to get answers from ministers about the dangers of the processes or the extent that companies such as Cuadrilla have permission to get away with mining without any local consent.

Given all this, she has put her body where her politics are, and she should be commended for it. Let her be an example to other MPs, they should not just complain when the fracking starts in their own backyard - let them act when the drilling commences!

More importantly we need to follow her example, and whether its anti-fracking or protesting at the coming arms fair in London (day of action 8th Sept starts at 12noon at Excel exhibition centre - be there!) we need to realise the potential of direct action as our last resort to stopping the excesses of this or subsequent governments.

The well being of this planet depends upon us!

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