Tuesday 4 June 2013

Global Justice: 'IF only...'

I've just signed up to the mini-bus and ferry journey over to Belfast to lobby the G8. We desperately need more people to get involved - head to London this weekend or go to Belfast on the 15th/16th June (its only £40!) if interested contact your local Christian Aid office today! (Newcastle 01912280115)

The Big IF campaign is designed to help us ask why their are still nearly a billion hungry people in a world of abundance and has 4 main issues:

The issue: Aid

We can't stand by when children are dying, just because they don't have enough to eat. Not only can we save millions of lives now, we can also give the poorest people the power to feed themselves for generations to come.
We must make sure that the money is used to fight hunger and malnutrition. Just giving vitamin A to children could save more than half a million lives every year. And leaders must find new ways to fund poor countries' response to climate change, helping them grow enough to feed their people.
IF campaigners are already getting results. In April's Budget, The UK government finally honoured a commitment made 43 years ago to commit 0.7% of national income on aid.
Millions of people living in poverty worldwide now have a brighter future, thanks to the thousands of campaigners who spoke out on the issue.
At the G8, we need to put pressure on other rich countries to follow the UK's example.

The issue: Tax

Too many big companies don't pay up the taxes they owe in developing countries. They're dodging millions of pounds every day. That money could help millions of people to escape from hunger - forever.
We can help stop this tax dodging if our government steps up to close the international tax loopholes. Sign the tax petition to get all the G8 leaders to agree a new international tax treaty.
This would help poor countries keep hold of the taxes they're owed, giving them funds to invest in supporting farmers to grow enough food for everyone in their country.
Photo: flickr.com/billtimmins

The issue: Land

Some of the world's poorest farmers are losing their land to giant corporations. These companies don't care that the land is already being used by local people to grow food. The land grabs are being facilitated behind the scenes by investment banks and the World Bank.
Stopping them would help millions of people get enough to eat.
Increasingly, companies are growing food to fuel cars, not to feed people. This madness is driving up food and petrol prices. If we end the use of food for fuel, we can stop millions going hungry.
Take action to stop land grabs now

The issue: transparency

We need to force governments and big corporations to be honest and open about their actions that stop people getting enough food. Many governments and big companies hide behind a veil of secrecy. They'd rather not make information public about their impact on people's lives and on the environment.
That means no one can hold them to account for actions that result in millions of people suffering from hunger. By strengthening laws that force them to be open and honest, we can make sure they don't get away with it.

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