Monday 11 July 2011

The Murdoch Empire continues to crumble.

Finally, politicians, police officers and the public are finally voicing their opposition to the way the Murdoch Empire has run it's business. After the scandals involving Miller Dowler's phone and Gordon Brown's medical records, no longer will Members of Parliament and Prime Ministers cosy on up to the string pullers of fleet street. At least for a while.

Murdoch is poison, and his evil empire has finally lost it's veneer of respectability. Not even the vicious axing of 500 jobs at the News of the World will save the reputation of News International. If anything, it has made people angrier, as we watch Murdoch desperately trying to save allies like Rebekah Brooks by destroying the lives of people who had nothing to do with the illegal practices of their former bosses.

Rupert himself has come in to oversee the destruction of incriminating evidence, and to try and save his precious BSkyB project - all to no avail. He will hang on to Brooks for as long as he can, but I suspect he will drop her if share prices continue to plummet.

The self regulation of the printed media has shown itself to be part of that neo-liberal lie, that we can 'trust' big business to manage its own affairs. People like Murdoch crave power and influence, and finally, we can begin to chip back some of the damage he has done to our society. Media is too important to be left in the hands of big bucks business. It needs to be localised, democratised and above all, accountable to the people. Long may Murdoch's decline continue.

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