Wednesday 6 July 2011

Happy Birthday NHS!

Yesterday we had a very special party in Bradford's Centenary Square. It was the 63rd birthday of the National Health Service, formed on the 5th July 1948 by the post war Labour Government. Up and down the country, many of those employed by the service, and many of us who owe it a great deal, got out the streamers and the party hats, and celebrated with style.

Someone had produced a giant cake, and others were giving out sweets to passers by. I've never seen the NHS celebrated so publicly before, and it can only mean one thing. We are waking up to the fact that the ConDem government are on the verge of wrecking it. Their ill thought out reforms are designed to aid the privatisation of the service, adding more competition to the NHS.

A very senior heart specialist resigned today, and was on Radio 4. He had served under 6 different governments, but said that it was the policies of Cameron that made his job impossible, as it was destroying the quality of care that should be offered.

I don't want to see leading NHS practitioners being forced out - I want to see ConDem policies opposed and exposed for what they are. We want the NHS intact for our children's children and beyond. Decent healthcare is the perfect birthday gift for the next generation.

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