Sunday 3 April 2011

more of this years April fools...

The temptation to use my blog on Friday was huge - but I did resist! I had several ideas including announcing that the Archdeaconry of Craven was breaking away from the Bradford Diocese and gaining episcopal oversight from the 'Southern Cone' - but these were to clever and Anglican to have worked. I used an event on facebook to invite many people to a fictitious protest:

Bradford Uncut will be turning the city centre Barclay's Bank into a local community swimming pool to highlight the banks relationship to local government spending cuts. If people could come in swimming costumes, armbands and fake Karl Dallas beards that would be amazing. A giant inflatable pool will be placed in the bank foyer, 12pm sharp!

Many seemed genuinely dismayed that my announcement on facebook of a TV series based on my book turned out to be a hoax:

talks with Channel 4 producer last night - looks like they are commissioning a more serious version of 'Rev' based on the stories from my new book! What an amazing year this is turning out to be!

I also used my facebook status to plug my new book:

finally got the advance from the publishers on the second book; "Just a book about Just a Church"

but by this time most people were on to me...

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