Sunday 26 March 2017


Blessed are mums who are living in poverty - for they still manage to create heaven on earth for their kids. 

Blessed are mums whose children have died - we will comfort all who feel lost this day. 

Blessed are the mums who are homeless - we shall fight for their right to shelter and safety. 

Blessed are the mums who hunger and thirst for what is right - we will be victorious together! Blessed are the merciful mothers - for they teach us how to forgive. 

Blessed are mums who, despite all they have suffered, have pure hearts - they have helped us to see God in everything. Blessed are the women who are peacemakers in our families and communities - for they have created children who are peacemakers. 

Blessed are women and mums who are persecuted for the cause of justice - the future will be yours. 

Blessed are the women who are victims of violence and endure sexism because they follow the call of feminism and equality - this is how people treated the suffragettes and all the great prophets who have gone before us to bring equality and freedom for all.


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