Sunday 19 October 2014

Harvest Ceilidh against Climate Chaos!

I hate Ceilidh dancing with a passion. I organise them regularly at Sunderland Minster for the sake of my wife, kids and all those other strange folk who seem to enjoy the prospect of dislocated ankles and heart attacks.

But today's Ceilidh is an especially important one. This is also a chance to take part in a national weekend of action organised by Christian Aid called 'Hunger for Justice'. It is a call on MPs to take more action on climate change, and to raise more awareness of this earth destroying phenomenon.

In the Philippines last year, 6000 people died and 4 million people were displaced in the biggest Typhoon to ever go inland. It was the 24th Typhoon of the year, caused by the earth's warmer and moister weather conditions. Christian Aid are picking up the pieces.

In Bolivia, the glaciers have shrunk by 30%, leaving people with shortages of water for the first time. Christian Aid are picking up the pieces.

In Brazil, they are facing the worst droughts in recorded history, forest fires are depleting the amazon at  record rate, a 300% increase last year alone. Christian Aid are picking up the pieces.

In Bangladesh, flooding has increased dramatically, affecting the ability of millions of farmers to feed the community. Christian Aid are picking up the pieces.

Christian Aid do not want to continue picking up the pieces. We need to work harder to prevent this global catastrophe. It is the worlds richest countries that are most responsible for this situation, but it is the poorest nations who are bearing the brunt of climate chaos.

We need our MPs to push the EU into 50% carbon reduction targets by 2030, with a deal to be made in Paris at the climate summit in 2015. We also need David Cameron to pledge $1milion for the 'Green Climate Fund' before the Lima conference this December to help the poorest nations deal with the climate chaos brought about by our policies in the West.

Yes, we will be dancing (badly) this evening in the Minster - but we will also be lobbying hard about Climate Chaos with our local MP, Julie Elliott, the Shadow Environment Minister, who will also be there.

Come along and dance, as if the planet depended upon it. Because that might just be the case.

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