Wednesday 17 September 2014

Prayers for Scotland

Tomorrow is a huge day both Scotland and for England, but I am hopeful that whatever the outcome, most people will get behind the decision made, and simply make the best of it.

Really, it will be alright either way. A NO vote is not the end of the world for the nationalists- it will have been won with so many concessions that it will pave the way to greater freedom for Scottish People (which will inevitably lead to full independence just a little bit further down the historical line) and a YES vote will not be as cataclysmic as the unionists have stated. Of course there would be a period of both uncertainty and anxiety with many problems to be resolved. Yet the joy and optimism that it would bring for many, will probably give the economy a bit of a boost, and hopefully the business community will (as always) seek to make the most of the situation rather than self destruct. There will be losses, but there will be many gains also.

Having said that, I'm beginning to think that the NO vote will win, simply because many people will have been swayed by the way Westminster and the Media have portrayed the economic situation post independence. This has been presented ruthlessly, and with an unhealthy bias to the status quo. This has been the case throughout history when a nation has tried to gain independence, the 'bigger' partner has always 'warned' of the disaster to come. It is rarely ever true, but I think the scare tactics have been very effective.

What I know for certain is that our brothers and sisters North of the border will need our prayers and support for whatever the outcome will be. It's been a bruising battle, and we know from the polls that just under half of the population will inevitably feel broken and anxious when the result is known.

A Prayer for Scotland:

Lord - let all resist gloating, and work on reconciliation
Lord - let all work for the common good, whatever the decision
Lord - let your will be done, let your love be known when all the ballot boxes are put away.

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