Tuesday 13 May 2014

Gary Barlow - Tax That! Under taxed and over rated!

The news that David Cameron and that odd little mayor in London agree that 'Gary' should not have to give back his OBE comes as very little surprise. Mr Barlow is a Tory supporter - and a rich one at that. 50 million copies of his records have been sold, and Take That regularly beat their own box office records for tour sales. He made over £4 million for simply appearing in a few seasons of X-Factor.

Gary Barlow is big business, and when has Cameron and his cronies ever pursued big business for their taxes? After all, he does an awful lot of work for charity. He is the boy made good, the one the queen turns to when she wants to organise a party.

So why not let him invest millions in a scheme that is designed to produced over £300 million in 'losses' to offset his income so that he can pay much less tax? Isn't that just what rich people do?

Perhaps if rich folk like Gary actually paid their taxes, then they wouldn't have to climb Kilimanjaro to raise money for Children in Need. Perhaps our children wouldn't be 'in need' if there were decent public services paid for through progressive taxation, and people like Gary actually shared some of their wealth with the million folk who bought tickets for his last tour.

Under taxed and over rated. Don't just give back your OBE Gary - give back your Gold Blue Peter badge while you are at it. You are a tax dodging disgrace.

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