Monday 23 December 2013

3 greatest TV series of 2013!

Its the time of year for frivolities and looking back - and I am thankful for the light relief that TV can give in the busyness of life. So here it is, my top three TV series of 2013:

In third place must be 'Strictly' - not everyones cup of tea, but for me, the hours of pleasure that my children get from it knocks my own selfish enjoyment of Misfits, Borgen and the Walking Dead clean of the leader board. Curled up with Clara and Angela on the sofa as we watched Sophie, Mark and Abbey swirl an strut their stuff, great memories indeed!

In second place is the final series of 'Ripper Street', where I just thought that the acting was superb and the subject matter gripping and thought provoking. As much as I enjoyed the 'White Queen' - this is history from the point of view of the people, and much more fascinating as a result.

Top of the list by far is 'Parks and Recreation'. This show has made me laugh so much this year, and has given Cat and I such enjoyment after long days at work, that it has to be number one. Who would of thought that a show about public administrators in a small US town would turn out so good? The characterisation is pitch perfect and the show just seems to get better and better. Hunt out the box sets if you haven't yet caught it on TV yet.

What did you enjoy in 2013? 

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