Thursday 18 July 2013

Papiss Cisse - a North East Ramadan Hero!

When Papiss Cisse refused to wear a Newcastle shirt that brandished the 'Wonga' logo, he became my hero. Finally a professional footballer who was prepared to pay a price for his faith and his beliefs. Sunderland's Mclean had made an admirable stand against having to wear a red poppy, but never to the extent that he risked his own place on the playing field.

Cisse should not be the only one taking a stand. His two Muslim colleagues have said that they don't have a problem with it, but their faith dictates that they should be aggrieved at having to support Wonga, effectively a legal loan shark that brutally rips off the poorest folk in the country.

Why are the Christian team mates not also taking a stand? Is it because Christians have long been ignoring the Biblical condemnation of usury? The Churches are keen to make big moral statements on issues such as same sex marriage or gay bishops, yet surprisingly slow to condemn the money lenders and changers.

Not so with Jesus, who clearly would stand side by side with Cisse's brave decision, upturning the tables in the modern temple stadiums.

Three cheers for Cisse, Islam's Ramadan hero of the hour!

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