Tuesday 5 February 2013

Same Sex Marriage - Sir Tony Baldry MP does not speak for me!

Looking on the BBC coverage of the marriage bill, I became incensed by the following comments made by someone I had never heard of before:

"There is absolutely no doubt that once marriage is re-defined in this very fundamental way, a whole number of new legal questions will arise, and no one can be quite sure what the outcome will be," warned Sir Tony Baldry, a Conservative MP and the Church of England's representative in the Commons.
"The government believes that this is a risk worth taking; the Church of England believes that it is not."

Sir Tony Baldry does not speak for me, or the vast number of Church of England clergy and lay people who support same sex marriage. He does not nuance his comments, by admitting that there is an ongoing debate within the Church of England. I'm not sure he is a neutral enough MP to be representing the breadth of English Anglicanism!

I hope and pray that this legislation is passed today, and that the Church of England has the courage to join the Tory Party in addressing historic prejudices and injustices.

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