Tuesday 20 November 2012

Supporting the NUS demo for free and fair education!

The impact of the fees increase is obvious for all to see. Mature students are priced out. Poor students are discriminated against. Everyone loses from the uncertainty that universities are faced with. At my university, there is a growing stream of students needing financial support, or feeling terrified by the debts they are amassing.

To get to a London demo from the city of Sunderland is not an easy journey. We are leaving at 3.30am to make sure we arrive in time. I feel far too old for these kinds of shenanigans! But we cannot let this government feel they can get off the hook. They have destroyed any vestige of fairness in higher education, and have created a debt timebomb which will ruin the lives of millions of people.

The Labour Party cannot just complain - they have colluded and allowed this to happen. As for the LibDems, well, they are beyond contempt at the way they have let down students. With all of the political parties being responsible for the problem, we must take to the streets, we must lobby our MPs and force the parties to take education seriously again. I'm dreading the coach journey down, but I cannot sleep well in my bed when there is such a need for a shout for justice.

Come and join me!

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