Monday 8 October 2012

Hooray for Apple Day!

Just a quick word of encouragement to all involved in making this event one of the 'must do' experiences of the North.

The community orchard at the bottom of Bowling Park in Bradford hosts a thriving promotion of the humble apple at 'Harvest' time each year. It has grown bigger and better each year, with cider presses, chocolate apples, apple bobbing, and just about everything one can think about doing with an apple.

To taste a local, home grown piece of fruit, is to realise how mad and wasteful it is to buy bags of apples from our supermarkets from as far afield as New Zealand.

As with most things, with local produce, there is great taste as well as a reduction in the food miles that we so easily consume with our diet.

Congrats to all at Apple day, it seems to bring out the best in folk! Happy scrumping!

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