Tuesday 10 July 2012

The Farewell Service

It was going to be a day of tears - pretty obvious with the Murray/Federer final coming up - but I had been determined to keep my last communion service at SoulSpace as upbeat as possible.

For nearly seven years I have delighted in taking part in this unique experiment. We mix the concepts of Liberation Theology and 'deep participation theory' and have evolved a wonderful liturgy that allows sermons to emerge from the community. More than that - it is simply fun. I have laughed and been thrilled in equal measure over the years.

My Children have been allowed to be themselves, and I have grown in faith through the friendship and wisdom of others.

But people grow not only through laughter, but also in shared pain, and so it was almost inevitable that tears began to flow. It is painful leaving a community of love, and as I encountered the words of Jesus at the last supper, waves of brokenness swept though me. It was so hard to say all the words, and I was heartened as we all began to say the words together.

The Eucharistic moment has always been the most powerful for me. We enter God's journey of being broken for others. Jesus is prepared to be beaten, tortured and killed to demonstrate that the roman occupation and its submissive client state do not have the final victory. Through the resurrection, God is victorious for all time.

Most of even our most mundane victories involve being broken along the way. For as we are reformed and healed, then new possibilities can take place. Resurrection is only possible through crucifixion.

My soul felt thanks to all who have journeyed with me over the last 7 years. May God help SoulSpace endure as a place of joy, of brokenness, and ultimately, as a place of healing and fresh hope.

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