Monday 25 June 2012

Angela's 5th Birthday

What a special day! It began with a trip to 5 Alive (her favourite play park) and then she came to church. That may not sound so exciting, but the look on her face as we all sang Happy Birthday was priceless.

The SoulSpace community has been her upbringing for 5 years.  She has had a great start in life with the love she has received from the congregation since day one. Catriona and I have so much to thank everyone for - it is their communal kindness that has made our two daughters such wonders.

We all went for a giant picnic at Lister Park, and Angela was thrilled when the Olympic Torch came by! Great timing - though I wasn't able to get them to light her birthday cake candles with the actual torch - that would have made me super Dad!

I'm grateful to My Mum, Brother Lesley and cousin Callum for coming up from Addlestone, it made it all so special.

But ultimately, I'm grateful to God for surrounding our family with such love. Children are born not just into blood family, but into the communities we build around ourselves. The advantages of building such communities of people working for justice, peace and spiritual awareness is evident when I look the impact it has had on my two little girls.

Thank you everyone.

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