Monday 26 March 2012

'Come Dine With Me': Cameron's sickening little secret

The attempt to present a wholesome image to the electorate may well have fooled some, but now the secrets of Cameron's dinner party should alert the world to what this man and his party is really about. At the family table, the financial donors he sucks up to include bankers, climate change deniers and oil magnates.

No wonder he initially didn't want to disclose his dining secrets. No wonder he avoided the clamour of the House of Commons later in the afternoon.

The Tory Party presently in power has never been convincing when it proclaimed 'we're all in it together'. It is the party of the rich and powerful. It is the policy maker of the 1%.

At a time of increasing government sponsored austerity - the Tories still had the gall to cut the top rate of income tax and, to add insult to injury, it lowered corporation tax at the same time. To help out its chums who have continuously failed to pay the full amount of corporation tax, the government have kindly even lowered the amount big business will have to pay (though I'd be happy if banks like Barclay's actually paid 24% as opposed to the 2.8% it got away with last year!) We need tax justice, not tax breaks and tax havens.

This is not likely to happen judging by the company Mr Cameron is keeping up in his 'little flat' above Downing Street. Let's not keep waiting for the crumbs that fall from their tables - it's time to upturn them instead!

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