Monday 27 February 2012

Occupy London Stock Exchange Evicted! Show Solidarity!

I've just had the text from one of those camped by St Pauls - the eviction has begun on the steps of the Cathedral. For those nearby, I urge you to go down and show solidarity. The Occupy movement has been at the heart of challenging the widespread inequalities of global power and wealth, and they need us now.

It is vital that the eviction takes place as non-violently as possible - but there inevitably will be those who might provoke violence from both sides - that is why witnesses are needed urgently. If you live in London, and can get over, there is no time to delay. For the rest of us, we can pray, and we can rededicate ourselves to the cause of the Occupy movement where ever we are.

The Occupy movement is not just outside St Pauls, it is where ever any of us stand with the oppressed and stand up to the powerful. It is where communities stand against corruption and against the tyranny of the wealthy. Occupy is anywhere we resist attempts to destroy our welfare state, it is where ever we build alternative ways of being community. Places where equality, creation and neighbour are at the heart of all we do. Places where people and planet come before profit.

You cannot evict an idea whose time has come. Revolution is as inevitable as resurrection. You just have to believe in it.

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  1. "Revolution is as inevitable as resurrection. You just have to believe in it."

    That's a dam good quote, I'm going to borrow that if I may?