Wednesday 18 January 2012

The Occupy LSX faces eviction, but not defeat.

Today's high court judgement to allow the eviction of the Occupy camp at St Paul's was not entirely unexpected. There will be a chance for an appeal tomorrow, and the corporation will not enforce the eviction till 16.00 on the 27th Jan, but eviction will come.

Over 100 have quickly signed a petition to form a 'circle of prayer' around the camp should a forced eviction be enacted. People will physically 'pray in the way' if they can get to London in time, or pray for a peaceful outcome where ever they happen to be when the time comes.

These brave people in central London have illuminated the horrors of unregulated capitalism. We have a system built on inequality and greed, and the state needs to intervene if we have a chance of reining in the excesses of the financial district. The campers down at St Paul's have done the world a great justice, as uncomfortable as it has been for some. The Church needs to show it's solidarity with this movement, even if this feels difficult and against the status quo. I believe that the occupy movement has been a blessing to the church, and one of the most important protest movements of the modern age.

They may eventually be moved on, but they are not defeated. They have left their mark, and the financial district and the church will never be the same. The occupiers may get kicked out, but they will simply do something more imaginative - the 'bank of ideas' and the law courts occupation shows their determination and creativity. Despite the imminent eviction, the occupy movement is here to stay!

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