Wednesday 31 August 2011

Let's stop kidding ourselves about Libya

Up until 6 months ago - we were arming Gaddafi to the hilt. Now we are apparently sending in our SAS snatch squads to bring him to justice. We are trying to make ourselves and the Nato Allies into the heroes of the hour, when in fact it was us who had strengthened this dictators grip of power of the people of Libya.

In the years following his renunciation of nuclear technology, we happily gave him whatever weapons we could sell him, to help him torture and suppress the Libyan people.

And by encouraging a 6 month civil war, we have helped again to destabilise an oil producing nation, hoping to put in compliant new rulers.

The world was told that Nato's weapons would only be used to 'protect' civilians from Gaddafi's troops. The extensive bombing of Tripoli and now of Sirte shows this to be a complete fiction. As with Baghdad, the civilian infrastructure has been devastated, leaving millions without electricity, water and basic supplies.

Perhaps as many as 50,000 are dead.

There must be better ways of getting rid of dictators than this? O, I know, lets resist the urge to sell them whatever weaponry they need to suppress their own people in the first place!

Be down at the DSEi arms fare in London docklands, 13th September. Let's not allow some companies to get filthy rich with the blood of so many people on their hands

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  1. Hi Chris,

    We're screening The Battle of Algiers at this year's Media and Conflict Interchange. A broad, historical context is vital to understanding these conflicts I feel. Behind you 100% on the arms trade issue.

    Dave R (Cathy's partner)